One Sunday (14th) of this week I started to tell the tale of how difficult it is to deal with the Three network’s customer service team – and to resolve reasonably straight-forward request for a customer.

On Monday (15th)  I wrote an update on what had happened since that first post. That was posted to Twitter, as are all my blog posts.

Later that evening I got the message from @threeuk “@10_ml Just read your blog, it normally takes CS 48hrs to return a call. I will make sure someone calls you today. Aug 16, 1:13 AM via HootSuite”

So, despite the inaccuracy (I hadn’t called them: they’d asked me to email my details after reading my first post / tweet on this and so, I’d responded with the info at 17:13 on Monday 15th Aug )  I thought I’d wait for the contact rather than confuse things by starting another chain of communication.

I waited all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday until 48 hours since my email had long gone. Also, bear in mind that my email of 15th Aug was not my first approach to them. That started on Sunday 14th when I treid to sort it out first on the phone then in the shop.

At 10:03pm on Wednesday 17th Aug my mobile rang and I accepted the call. It immediately went dead. I tried calling back but went straight through to the general 3 Customer Services number. I hung up as by that time of night I had no strength left to tackle the nonsense of their automated system. I wonder if the dialling and hanging up was a way of fooling the system into logging a call to me? Why did no-one follow up that call again.

Now we’re at Thursday evening (7.40pm as I write this) and still no one has spoken to me about sorting out my original problem which I started complaining about on Monday.

Meantime the promised call from my local shop has not taken place.

I feel I’ve given three a fair chance to sort it out.

My next step is to contact Ofcom and my local trading standards and get them to cancel the contract.  I need a network that looks after their customers and Three is certainly not it.

Watch this space – I have low expectations of Three sorting it out in a positive way without being forced to do so.



Could the @threeuk saga get any worse? Yes.
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