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Yesterday (Friday) started on a positive note. @rightmobile tried to help.  My reply was picked up by@threeuk who made the right noises: “@10_ml sorry to hear about your bad experience. I’m going to look into this again this morning for you.”

I replied to them “@ThreeUK thanks. I appreciate it. Utterly frustrated by inability to get ny (sic) issue resolved.”

@threeuk came straight back : “@10_ml completely understand – hopefully we can get this sorted asap.”

That was 24 hours ago. Since when, nothing.

I admire whoever is operating the @threeuk account. They monitor what’s being said and make reassuring noises to the customer. That’s great and as it should be – and I feel, when that happens, that someone is taking ownership of my problem. However, the messages aren’t backed up by action from the business end.

My wife suggests that I should give up and get back on the phone – but I’d given up on that route of resolution back last Sunday when it was clear that the staff in Mumbai were powerless to deviate from a fixed process (as I noted in my original post), so when @threeuk customer services weighed-in on Monday I thought things were going to be sorted out for me.

This is the 7th day of my trying to have my original problem resolved and yet I can see no light at the end of the tunnel.

How hard can it be to get a number from on Three contract phone transferred to another Three contract phone when both have the same owner?


Part 4 of the Three (@threeuk) saga
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