A quick update from Code The City.

I’m working with the #MatchTheCity project team. Our aim is to provide some of the data and infrastructure to support other projects – such as #BigSociety.

I’ve been working with Dave Morrison, the Code Fellow for East Lothian who came up for the weekend, on liberating some seriously closed data and making it open.

Meantime Andrew Sage, Aberdeen City’s Code Fellow, has been working on processing the data and making a data model to hold it all – and offer it up online for the other projects.


SAMSUNG CSCDave and I have scraped and transcribed

  • The current Sport Aberdeen Timetable which is a very odd piece of work. Not open, has to be forced to show all days events, uses javascript to reveal rows and uses jpegs to denote the day of the week, rather than text. Dave did a great job of scraping this.
  • The Aquatics Centre timetable. This is a PDF – so not open, needs a ruler and a print-off to work out the start and end of session times, (couldn’t be read by a screen reader),isn’t even scrapable so it had to be hand transcribed. Also service disruptions are marked in the HTML page above rather separate to the PDF.
  • The Exercise Classes at Aberdeen Sports Village. This was easier to scrape semi automatically, but could be much better.

At present, there is no way to search across these – eg if you just want to find out where you can lane-swim tonight, or establish what family sports opportunities are available next Saturday.

We also created a json file of venues’ details.

Andrew then create this in Heroku. And everything is on Github here.

The scraping we’ve done will provide a static snapshot. We need to work with Aberdeen City Council’s Education Culture and Sport directorate to work out how we get open data sources to be set up and maintained for these, so we can offer back the data for integration into the website.

Iain Learmonth has pulled most of these data into Linked Data format (all in 20 minutes).

Dave is now working on mapping this. Almost done.

Rowan Evenstar helped with some styling of the page.

Show and tell at 3pm.

Update: the styling and mapping won’t work on the Heroku-hosted site, while both work on local copies. This is no biggie. The heroku site was created just to visualise what we’d got into the back-end system, and would not be a longterm solution to viewing it anyway.

Oh, and #MatchTheCity won the popular vote after the show and tell, which was nice!



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