I’m conscious that I shy away from writing about the day job which occupies me three days per week at the moment. I need to reconcile myself to that or speak to head office to see what level of blogging they are comfortable with. So, what I write about here is the stuff I do for Code The City / ODI or for my own interests.


I joined an online book group this week, with contacts through Linked In. Its focus is on non-fiction. The first book chosen was “Revolt of the Public” by Martin Gurri which is a weighty 450 pages. We’ve set ourselves two weeks to read it, and I still aim to finish the novel I am reading first. I’m hopeful that the book group will keep me focussed on my target of reading 52 books this year. I’ve succeeded in one of the last three years!


I stepped in at quite short notice to give a talk on Open Data for Aberdeen Tech Meetup last Wednesday evening. You can download the slides here. There are no speakers note, though. It was well enough attended and the audience were engaged and asked interesting questions.


I did quite a bit more preparation for the forthcoming Air Quality hack weekend. Almost all tickets for the sensor building are now gone, but given the level of public interest in AQ and the number of times it has been in the news, the level of take-up for general tickets could be better.

I received an email from the Improvement Service saying that they’d read my blog piece and tweets about geospatial data and that they’ve now made council boundaries available as Geojson, which is great news. I just need to find time to have a look at it!


I’d been asked by some collaborators to help with the data side for and IoT project in schools and colleges. So, from Thursday to today, Sunday, I’ve been setting up Google Sheets, Oath, APIS and Python to work with that. I got a working model and uploaded and shared that via a private Github repo. I’m waiting for feedback on the first bit of that.


Tonight I went to a talk by David Rudolf the lawyer from The Staircase. he was very engaging – and the conversation was driven by audience questions. Too late for a school night though! We didn’t get home until after 11pm.


Other than that it has been visiting older family members who keep falling over, and replacing some furniture!

Weeknotes – 2019 – Wk3
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