I’ve decided to index some of the pieces which I have written on Open Data since 2011. As far as I know these are the ones that haven’t vanished into the ether of the web. This should allow me to find, and refer to, pieces more easily when I need to.

In the lists below you will find historic overviews of open data in Scotland, appeals for better provision of open data, the economic and social arguments for open data etc, surveys of the state of open data etc.

This list excludes

  • ones which were written for internal blogs at Aberdeen City Council while I worked there, and
  • the many dozens of practical pieces I’ve authored on how to use platforms such as Wikidata to publish structured linked open data, nor write-ups of projects at Code The City events which heavily featured open data . If you are looking for those, you could start here.

My aim is to keep this updated as I write more.

The developing state of Open Data in Scotland

(oldest to newest)

What is Open Data and Why Does it Matter? – a research paper co-authored with David Hume Institute

CTC23 – The OD-BODS  – making Scotland’s Open Data Findable

The Many False Dawns of Scottish Open Data (2010 to 2018)

Scottish Open Data – how do we get there?

Open Data Scotland – a nudge from OD Camp?

Response to Scotland’s Draft Action Plan on Open Government

Boundaries, not barriers

Scotland’s Open Data, February 2019. An update.

Scotland’s Covid-19 Open Data

You can lead a horse to water but Covid19 data must be scraped

Ten Years After

My resignation as civic lead for Open Data for the Open Government Partnership Scotland



The state of Open Data in Aberdeen

What is happening with Open Data in Aberdeen?

Aberdeen City Council – open data – none the wiser

Open Data Aberdeen – Part 3

We help kids in regeneration areas. What’s one of them?

It is easier to recycle a fridge than reuse Scottish public sector website content and data!


Some other background pieces on Open Data

How does the Open Data Community share experience, knowledge, best practice, examples?


PLODS – but faster

Film – What is Open Data?

Open Data – some (mostly recent) bookmarks

Digging down into Local Data – Openly Local, Democratic Dashboard and more

Open Data Masterclass – Aberdeen University 17 November 2010


Interviews and profiles mentioning open data

Open Data – an index of pieces authored by me
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