This has been another busy week: three days with The Data Lab at the ‘day job’ and a mix of stuff over the other four.

The Data Lab’s Data Fest 2019 programme, including the Fringe events in Aberdeen are all now in place and it is an exciting mix! Sadly, we’ve had to postpone the hack weekend that we had proposed, as we haven’t quite worked out the fine details of industry support with the sponsor, but we are confident that it will proceed later in the year.

On Thursday I had a great conference call about a potential use of Scottish Open Data which, if it comes off, will be amazing. Having started the conversation about it, we need to see if we can agree the details, get funding in place, and get it delivered.

Speaking of #opendata it is good to see that the Scottish Government are running a workshop in Aberdeen as part of the Fringe Programme. I will be attending – and I’ve arranged to meet the organisers for a coffee afterwards. It would be good to see who turns up for Aberdeen City Council – all has gone quiet there again.  I’d heard that they were recruiting someone for their programme but I’ve not heard if an appointment was made. They seem to blow hot and (mainly) cold on Open Data.

Having finished reading Life 3.0 early in the week, I decided I need a blast of fiction, so I picked up a title which my wife shared on her Kindle account, The Hunting Party. I though that Life 3.0 started well but it list my attention towards the end. Loads to mull over though.

The last couple of days of the week – and the whole weekend – were taken up with preparing for, and facilitating our Code The City Air Quality hack weekend. This is our fifteenth CTC event and attracted more subscribers and attendees than any of the last two years.

Day one at CTC15
Day one at CTC15

We had 40 people of Saturday and almost 30 on Sunday.  Fourteen people built their own AQ sensor device. The build was for one of these but in a different housing. Over the weekend we had seven projects being worked on: one involved starting to get the devices using Lorawan instead of wifi, and the others were data-focused.

We even spawned a new community group.

Weeknotes – 2019 – Wk7
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