I began the week in the afterglow of the Code The City Air Quality hack weekend. It had been a rip-roaring success. We’d kicked off something big – started a local movement.  In addition to seven prototype projects, some of the outcomes were a new web site, a new Twitter account and a commitment to launch 100 sensors in Aberdeen this year.

I’d taken the Monday off, so in addition to making live the AQ sensor that I had built, I created a new Slack  group and invited many of the hack weekend’s attendees to join.

The rest of my free time for the week was taken up reviewing the state of Open Data in Scotland. For this, I updated my GitHub repo considerably, then wrote a blog post on it. I reckon that 95+% of Scotland’s data that could be open data is still closed.

I also created a launched a new Slack group for the Open Data community in Scotland, and renamed our Twitter account. If you would like access, DM us on Twitter there – it is open.

I also started reading The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley – a variation on a locked room mystery, this time set in a snow-bound highland spa retreat.

Weeknotes – 2019 – Wk8
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