Data Fest 19

Plans for the Data Fest 19’s eight free fringe events in Aberdeen are coming along really well. Tickets are going quickly, and some events are already sold out. I am particularly looking forward to the Wikidata / WikiCommons / WikiMedia one.  I’ve become quite addicted to adding photos of historic buildings using the Wiki Shootme tool (needs location permissions to work).

Side Projects

I’ve been working a lot this week on Open Data Scotland, and Air Aberdeen groups, building some of the tools to help people co-operate on these projects.

The Slack groups are both in place – and we wanted them to be open, so that anyone can join. While any member can invite anyone else, and you can group list domains (such as ) there is no check box to say that anyone can join. But you can use a Google Forms and Slack integration to achieve this, using this very helpful tutorial. Now each has a link in its Twitter bio to a slack to sign yourself up to the respective Slack channel.  We now have over 20 people in each community.

I’ve also integrated Twitter into each Slack channel.

I’ve been helping update configuration instructions for the set-up of Air Aberdeen’s Luftdaten devices.

I heard that there is the potential to extend the IoT in Schools project that I have been involved in setting up. This sounds exciting.

Code The City

I’ve been looking at a better, more formal approach to hosting data and apps for our hack weekends and longer-term projects.

I’ve updated Code The City’s entry on DSI4EU site:  and have added Air Aberdeen and Open Data Scotland as projects we are involved in delivering.


I completed reading The Hunting Party that I started last week. It was an enjoyable murder mystery – but not something to set the heather alight.

I then started, and finished, The Sense Of An Ending by Julian Barnes, whose writing is wonderful. I’d seen the film, which is obviously quite true to the novel, as I recognised most of it.

I’ve started on Keep The Aspidistra Flying, by George Orwell, one of my favourite authors of fiction and non-fiction. This is one of the few novels by him that I have not read.


Weeknotes – 2019 – Wk9