The post “How to Stifle Creativity In Local Government” over at is right on the money.

I’d suggest some additions:

  • when presented with a suggestion, tell them to find out how the private sector would do it, and
  • prescribe methodologies to be followed and formal tools to be employed.

Given my experiences, particularly over the last eighteen months, I’d been considering writing a very similar article for this site.

No need now, thanks!

Now what to do with my saved time?


How to stifle creativity
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One thought on “How to stifle creativity

  • 14 March 2011 at 12:16 PM

    Glad we could help! In the time we’ve saved you, how about putting together the PID for this site, along with a comms strategy and updating the RAG status on your risk register?

    Send it over to us and we’ll try to take a look at it all as soon as we can… 😉


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