The second day of innovation week started with two learning sessions.

Anne and Keira from Snook shared some of their service design methodologies, such as

  • solving problems that matter and
  • using discovery and design research as part of the double diamond design process.
Solving Problems that matter
Solving Problems that matter

We then went back into our teams (actually subteams) to work on our projects.

We identified some key stakeholders, and set up interviews or sent questions to those who contribute insight into the challenges on which we were working.

Questions, questions, questions
Questions, questions, questions

Our other subgroup mananged to escape the confines of the Whisky Bond, which is a great space, but with 120+ people and 21c external temperature it was pretty nosiy and hot. They went to the Kelvin Meadows which were the scene of a previous battle to stop development. I hope they got some nice photos to share on Slack.

Having done much reading, spoken to a local authority planning expert, we now better understood the planning process.

Our conference call room
Our conference call room

On reflection, we need to use our team resources better. Having 5 or 6 working on the same tasks is not best use of time. So, for day three I am going to suggest we break into smaller groups of 2 or 3 and assign specific tasks. Now it is time to focus down on our approach, and start to move towards building prototypes.

Finally, a group of 7 of us skipped the set evening meal, grabbed a pizza and beer at Crossing The Rubicon, on Great Western Road (highly recommended) and then went to Red Raw comedy night at the Stand Comedy Club. With at least four nationalities in our party I am not sure how much of the subtleties(?) of Glasgow humour was picked up! But we all had fun.

Data Lab Innovation Week – Day Two
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