I had only one day working at the “day job” this week, instead of three, so there should have been loads of time to catch up on side projects, watch some tutorial videos, experiment, play with data. I’m really not sure where the week went. I did buy a new winter coat in the last of the sales.

The big event of the week was attending MisinfoconScoX in Stirling organised by Hacks and Hackers Scotland. This was a very interesting event: part conference, part unconference. The speakers were very good, the seven break-out sessions in two parallel tracks were all interesting, covering a wide array of topics. The event got a lot of attention before, during and after. See this Twitter Moment.

Getting to Stirling and back wasn’t helped by Scotrail. t was minus 6c when I set off and the replacement train, had no heating (or power sockets). The one back wasn’t much better – two carriages instead of three and the wifi wasn’t working. The staff are usually very good – and hats off to their Twitter comms team who picked up my tweet and got the wifi rebooted. I do feel sorry for those who rely on Scotrail services daily. I only do about four trips per month, and they frustrate me so much.

I did quite a bit a prep for our forthcoming

I kept working on the IoT project for schools that I am contributing to. We’re using Python on a Raspbberry pi with three buttons to capture customer feedback using three button pushes: good, bad or indifferent. I’ve configured it to write to Google sheets using Oauth2 authentication. More to follow.

I am going to have to get better at keeping notes for these weekly posts!

Weeknotes – 2019 – Wk5
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