This was a session at SODU2020, the first Scottish Open Data Unconference that took place online 5th and 6th  September 2020.

The event, as an unconference, was generated by the attendees – with people proposing ideas  for sessions which then took place in break-out rooms (using Zoom in this case).

This session, which I led, took place on the Sunday. We had (from memory) about 8 or 9 participants.

We used a Miro board to capture the main outputs.


Miro Board for the session
Miro Board for the session

Since the event I have created a Wiki using MediaWiki, the software platform that underpins the Wikipedia family of sites. Code the City have registered a domain name and we have soft launched the Wiki as a place for this activity to take place.


Our aim is for the whole open data community to use and contribute to it: civic society; government; start-ups; journalists; data providers; infomediaries; lecturers and students; anyone who is part of the rich open data eco-system that we are trying to build in Scotland.

The success of the wiki will be determined by the scale of the community effort (a bit like the success or otherwise of Open Data, I’d argue). So far in the two days since launch, we’ve had five users contribute content to the wiki.

If only a handful of individuals are involved then it will not be sustained or worth their effort. But if the larger community (e.g. the 106 people who registered for the physical SODU event) get involved – or even the 33 who turned up for the online one – then we could start to see this, coupled with the Slack group start to help grow an active Open Data eco-system in Scotland.

Despite my experience, I remain an optimist!

How does the Open Data Community share experience, knowledge, best practice, examples?
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