I’m going to write week notes for 2019. This is my first attempt at this.

I expect to balance the various things that form ‘work’ with side projects, reading, music and beer.

The first week of the new year was a peaceful, quiet one – too much chocolate left over, plenty of beers, courtesy of Beer Bods, some walking, reading and listening to music. I don’t return to work until next week.

A friend sent me this link  to a video of Johnny Griffin and Woody Shaw playing in Cologne in 1986. Very reminiscent of when I saw Johnny Griffin at the old Jazz Cafe in London about the same time. I chatted to him. It turned out that he had played Aberdeen in the preceding decade!

He also sent me a link to this track of Harold McNair playing with Ornette Coleman’s sidemen in 1965, which I’d never heard of. McNair was a vastly-underrated saxophonist and flautist who had come to the UK from Jamaica in the 1950s. When I was leading a band in the late 1980s / easy 90s we had a Sunday might jam session in a Fraserburgh hotel. Periodically a chap called Rod Marshall used to sit in. It turned out that Rod had looked after Harold in his last months while he was dying of cancer.  He passed away in 1971 aged just 39. See this page.


We’re planning an Air Quality hack weekend in February – so I spent some time sketching out what that might look like and gathering background material. I thought about how this article on using a hacked Amazon Dash button to report noise complains could be used – to raise concerns about air quality.

Before the festive break I had had a chance to speak to the Chief Statistican for Scotland about Open Data in Scotland. He agreed to convene a round table discussion on this in February. I had been asked to nominate people to attend. A couple more names came to me this week, and I sent those over.

I had it confirmed that Douglas Young who previously led the Perth and Kinross open data project has taken up a role co-ordinating the Scottish Cities Alliances’ Data cluster project for all 7 cities in Scotland, which is great news.

The Ferret, a great source of independent journalism in Scotland ran a piece “The Dirty Dozen Polluters in Scotland.” Good for the Air Quality background.

6th January 2019

Weeknotes – 2019 – Wk1
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