I was on leave still on Monday, so I went to the Aberdeen Uni library for the day to work on planning out a few things. Some acquaintances are going to be running a pilot on IoT in primary and secondary schools, and college, and I have agreed to help them with the data collection, and analysis.

We had the first Data Meetup of the year on Tuesday, which attracted a good attendance. Both speakers were well received by a large number of attendees, and each allowed their slides to be shared. I managed to secure the two speakers needed for February’s Data Meetup. Both are ‘proper’ data science topics!

Having been asked to ‘dep’ for someone at an upcoming lunch and learn session at HIE, and having had to decline, I was then asked to cover Tech Meetup in Aberdeen next week. I’ve accepted and elected to talk about Open Data  (what else?).

I had one day in the office this week (the joy of carrying annual leave and working part time). I caught up on a few emails, but with The Data Lab running to an academic calendar and closing over Christmas and New Year, the inbox was not as terrifying as it used to be in the ACC days.

I discovered the new website of the great UK drummer Spike Wells. It is chock-full of private recordings of Spike playing with Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, and my late friend Bobby Wellins, a giant among British musicians. He also posts his memories as well as some of his sermons!  Apart from being a great jazz drummer, he was a solicitor and then a vicar! I emailed Spike to congratulate him on the site, and got a very nice reply, “We Wellins fans should stick together”.

I discovered this excellent free-to-download PDF of a new book on Citizen Data Science which looks really useful for the Air Quality hack weekend. I started to do some serious marketing of the weekend to get the numbers up. This included this blogpost, a Linked In article, and tweets on several linked accounts. the BBC ran this pertinent sad story: Ella lived in Lewisham, south London, 25m (80ft) from the South Circular road – a notorious pollution “hotspot”. She died in February 2013 after experiencing three years of seizures.

My continuing battle to get decent Open Data provision in Scotland continued with a reflective blogpost for Code The City Studio Limited out of which we run ODI Aberdeen, and  builds on previous pieces. Several people came forward privately to share their concerns about the lack of pace, or focus from Scottish Government on this.

Having sampled Birchener Muesli for the first time on holiday last year, I finally decided to start making it. I am using this recipe from the Guardian. My first attempt was a reasonable success, although it was a it of a faff. I need to simplify it.

Three events that Code The City proposed or is involved have been accepted for Data Fest Fringe 2019. The whole programme is yet to be announced but has some great things lined up! More soon.

13th January 2019

Weeknotes – 2019 – Wk2
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